Accessibility statement

At, we are committed to serving all of our users equally.

While the site has been created to be usable ‘as is’, many people are likely to get the most accessible experience of using this site by customising their computer to suit their individual needs – for example: to get the site spoken to them, to change its colour-scheme, or increase the size of its fonts. If that sounds like it would be useful to you, we recommend you visit BBC My Web, My Way to watch videos of how these customisations might suit you.

We have therefore undertaken the following actions to ensure equal access to our services from our website:

  • The UK Government Access Keys Standard has been applied to this site. Follow to access keys page for more information.
  • The standard font used throughout the site is Titillium for easy legibility, or if you choose to switch contrast Arial is used intead.
  • Wherever possible, we use live text instead of graphics to reduce the download time of pages and increase your control.
  • No information is exclusively conveyed using colour. This does not mean that colours are not used to organise information, instead it means there are also other, non-colour dependent ways of doing so.
  • Our pages are designed so that they are without horizontal scrollbars, they are flexible and fit screen sizes as small as 240px wide.
  • All images, where appropriate, have an alternative text attribute. This means that when an image is conveying important information its content is described with an alternative text. If an image is used for decorative purposes only, the text attribute for the image will be left blank.
  • A link to details of how to contact us for further information offline is provided in our "Contact Us" page.
  • Style of navigation remains consistent through the websites.

We have attempted to comply with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This is specifically with regard to Priority 1 guidelines and, where possible, Priority 2 guidelines. The elements covered by the Priority 3 guidelines are not, in most cases used by our website, however as the website develops such functions we will aim for compliance at this level.

We are committed to a process of ongoing improvement and are working to ensure all content is developed under the guidelines outlined above.

If you have difficulty accessing the site or have any comments or feedback on how we can improve your online experience, please do not hesitate to contact team.